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Septic and sewer safe, Cottonelle® Ultra Comfort Toilet Paper is 3X More Absorbent, 3X Thicker, and 3X Stronger.

Cottonelle® Ultra Comfort Toilet Paper is a 2-layer bath tissue made with fibers that are 100% biodegradable and safe for sewers and septic tanks.

All Cottonelle® toilet paper is sourced from responsibly managed forest. Learn more about Cottonelle’s Sustainability efforts.

Choose from a variety of roll and pack sizes when you buy Cottonelle® Ultra Comfort Toilet Paper online or in-store.

Per sheet versus the leading national value brand

Product Features

  • CleaningRipples™ texture designed to remove residue
  • plant-basedMade with plant-based fibers sourced from responsibly managed forests
  • softOur most comfortable 2-layer toilet paper
  • Clog-safe sewe-safe septic-safe100% flushable : clog-safe, sewer-safe, septic-safe
  • luxurious cleanPair together with flushable wipes for a refreshing clean
  • flushable2-layer toilet paper

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Best of both worlds

A real game changer. I expect toilet paper to do a simple task of cleaning. Cottonelle offers the best of both worlds, providing comfort in a soft plush texture with excellent absorbency without sacrificing strength of the sheet- means less



Comfort and Quality Unrolled

Toilet paper might not be the first topic that comes to mind when discussing household essentials, but choosing the right kind makes a significant difference. I've been using Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Toilet Paper, and here’s why I think it



Looks softer than it is

I typically love Cottonelle products but was a bit disappointed with this one. The toilet paper had lots of piling on the rolls and felt sort of rough to touch. The paper also was thin and leaves lint. The rolls are narrower than traditiona



Must Buy!

This toilet paper is very strong and absorbent. It is also very soft and thick. It’s three times more absorbent than any other brand. It’s also unscented and comes with six mega rolls.



Strong squares

This toilet paper is very tough which is nice. One downside is I felt the rolls were smaller than my usual pick from Costco. I’m not sure this will become my default toilet paper.



So soft

This toilet paper was so soft and durable. It didn’t have a weird texture to it and absorbed well. I had run out of cotton pads to put my toner on and I used this for a quick fix and it worked perfectly! So soft even for your nose on those

Cottonelle User


Stronger and Better

I was always an Angel Soft type of person and Cottenelle sold me. It definitely is better in softness and a lot stronger. It doesn’t break as easy and it does soak everything up. I’m definitely going to start cutting all of the coupons for



Soft but not extra plush

This toilet paper is super soft but not as plushy as some of the other ones cottonelle offers. These were very absorbent and strong, overall a great toilet paper!



Strong Toilet Paper

This may be the soft, strongest toilet paper I’ve used. A few squares go a long way. The roll size fits on my toilet paper holder with no issue. I will definitely buy in the future.



Solid TP

This toilet paper is nice, I would say it is a little rougher and less thick/soft than other brands I have tried. But it does a good job and isn’t rough at all.

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Questions & Answers

Product FAQs

No, we only use virgin wood fibers from responsibly managed forests.
Yes, Cottonelle® Toilet Paper is clog safe and septic safe.
Cottonelle® Toilet Paper is biodegradable, made with water and renewable fibers, and sourced from responsibly managed forests.
Yes!   Bundle poly film can be added to ‘Store Drop Off’ collection with other packaging poly films. For store location:
Each sheet of toilet paper is 4" x 3 3/4". The width of every roll is 3 3/4".
Cottonelle® Ultra Comfort Toilet Paper is unscented and contains no toxic materials.
Ultra Comfort Toilet Paper is designed to help you absorb more moisture to feel comfortably clean.
We're part of the Kimberly-Clark Family
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